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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:05 pm

1. No swearing whatsoever. Putting stars(*) still counts as swearing.
2. No sexual talk
3. No pornographic links or anything pornographic.
4. Spam is stupid pointless annoying messages. Everyone will accidently do this, but please try not to.
5. No advertising forums whatsoever.
6. Please no double posting
7. Don't ask to be a mod or admin. That just reduces your chances of ever becoming a mod or admin.
8. Don't talk about CP hacks or anything to do with hacks here. That could get our forum shut down.
9. No imposters

You can change your non-special rank by posting.
These are the ranks. They will change if/when the forums become more active. And, if you post only to see what the next rank is, you will get a special rank

Postless - 0 posts
Almost Postless - 1-19 posts
Getting there - 20-39 posts
Post Master - 40-59 posts
Active - 60-79 posts
V.I.P - 80-99 posts
God-Like - 100+ posts
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Forum Rules
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